A small speech of education

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Education inculcates civic and social responsibility. India is a land of diversities and in order to bring unity, education is an agent for emotional integration. We cannot do without any kind of education.

Education is an essential factor of human development, h brings refinement in man.

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I would like to speech over importance of education at this great occasion in front of you. Education is very important to all of us. Our parents make us learn many things at home and then send us to school after age of three years. Title 16, Texas Administrative Code, Chapter - Administrative rules concerning the licensing of speech-language pathologists and audiologists.

Nov 21,  · Nowadays education is one of the most important subjects to discuss. Why is education so important? Why do parents call upon their children to receive a decent education? First of all, we should clearly specify what the world demand for highly educated employees is connected with.

The chief reason is that technology does not. To make India a prosperous country, every man and every woman in the nation must be educated.

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Women’s education is of prime importance, for they have been neglected in our country until recently. Women in India have outnumbered the men, hence they must be made literate for the all round development of the country.

A small speech of education
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