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Dennis O'Brien, 35; Reporter Covered Iraq War for the Virginian-Pilot

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Next generation: Business owners mentor their heirs apparent

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Pilot Media: The Virginian-Pilot,, Pilot Targeted Media February – January (1 year) Chesapeake, Virginia Reported on city government in Chesapeake, Virginia's third-largest Enterprise reporter at The.

Saleen Martin, a Norfolk native, is a reporter on The Virginian-Pilot's digital enterprise team. She joined The Pilot in after graduating from the University of Georgia.

Q&A with Courtney Mabeus, military reporter for The Virginian-Pilot

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The hit to national parks comes as wildfires continue to rage across parts of the West. California, like several other states, has faced a longer and more destructive wildfire season because of drought, warmer weather attributed to climate change and homes built deeper into forests.

Find Eric Hartley of Virginian-Pilot's articles, email address, contact information, Twitter and more. Inside Business Virginian-Pilot reporter Ana Ley awarded fellowship for data journalism.

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By Eric Hartley, Steve Earley. What reporter’s work do you follow religiously and why: Jeremy Scahill of The Nation. He’s made a career of dogging Blackwater.

He’s made a career of dogging Blackwater. Who was your mentor: My father, who was a weekly newspaper editor and publisher.

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